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Human Projection

Ever wonder why sometimes strange occurences happen? No explanation. People talk about deja vu, coincidences, having faith and belief in something. Generally this principal applies to religion.
What if somebody thinks of a mission they want to accomplish, they eat, sleep, breathe that mission/ purpose. Then in an unexplainable way, eureka! Mission accomplished. One could conclude from this two things: believe and focus and it will happen; or coincidence. This belief is actually directed energy from the human mind& body, which is more powerfull than having faith. Why? Simple, it came from the person themselves not another entity. No institution/ media drilled it in with constant repitition and false justifications.
If a person believes an event (good or bad) will happen to them, i.e. if they see a dog in a park, and say " that dog will bite me, if I walk in through that park" and sure enough it happens.  Or " walking at night on a downtown street, you will be mugged…